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    Hangzhou Litai Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, the companys main products have 1A-6A ordinary rectifier tube, fast recovery rectifier tube, high efficient rectifier tube, ultra fast recovery rectifier diode, Schottky diode and SMD diode, rectifier bridge rectifiers. The products are widely used in energy-saving lamps, electronic ballast for converter, the television, communications equipment, audio equipment, instrument and computer equal areas. Products play an important role in the work of electronic circuits, but also one of the earliest semiconductor devices.
    Annual output of 10000000000. Products are exported to Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Europe and the United States, Africa and Southeast asia.
    Company strictly implement ISO9001-2000, ISO-14001 environmental standards, the implementation of the full range of scientific management, to provide customers with quality products in time.
    The companys quality policy is: to provide users with quality products and perfect service.
    Hangzhou Litai Electronics Co., Ltd. is a production base in Shantou into Litai Electronics Co., Ltd. is a large-scale professional R & D, production and sales of diode and wafer electronic manufacturing enterprises. Production base is located in a regional electronic industry, supporting more complete, industrial scale larger had "Yuedong electronic distribution" the laudatory name of Shantou City, Chen Zhen, have in the industry high visibility of freedom brand "ked". Products play an important role in the work of electronic circuits, but also one of the earliest semiconductor devices.
    The company from at the beginning of establishment, the "mean manufacturing production development to now the lead and the wafer manufacturing and product testing and print production forward and after the integration of development, promote the company to develop varieties faster. At the same time shorter. Company production equipment from Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions, business decision makers recognize that the quality assurance, to better meet the needs of the market and customers, so the development of a continuous supply of high quality products and services to customers and quality policy, and passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. In recent years, enterprises have been the local consumer management committee as the 2013-2014 commitment to the integrity of the unit, such as quality certification.
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