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    Lighting (Lighting) is the use of artificial light or natural light to provide adequate illumination (general lighting), or provide a good identification (road lighting, advertising signs, etc.), the characteristics of the emphasis (architectural lighting, lighting, etc.), or create a comfortable light environment (residential lighting, etc.), to create a special atmosphere, such as (business stage lighting), and other special purpose (biochemical, medical, plant cultivation, etc.).

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    Ballast lamp 双语对照
    LED lighting
    Fluorescent lamp
    Power management
    Power management (management Power) refers to how to effectively allocate power to different components of the system. Power management is very important for the mobile device which depends on battery power. By reducing the energy consumption of the spare time, excellent power management system can extend the battery life two times or three times. Power management technology is also called power control technology, which belongs to the field of power electronic technology, which is a cross technology of power transformation, modern electronics, network formation, automatic control and so on. It has been widely used in many fields such as industry, energy, transportation, information, aviation, national defense, education, culture and so on.
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    Server power
    Constant power supply
    Computer power supply
    Consumer electronics

    Consumer electronics (consumer electronic products, CE) include: TV, DVD player, VCD, SVCD, DVD), video recorders, video cameras, radio, the radio cassette machine, stereo mix, phonograph records, CD player (CD). And in some developed countries, the phone, personal computers, home office equipment, home electronic health equipment, automotive electronics products are also classified in consumer electronics products. With the development of technology and the emergence of new products, digital cameras, mobile phones, PDA and other products have become a new consumer electronics products.

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    LCD TV
    Air conditioner
    Set top box
    White home appliances

    Computer (Computer) is a modern intelligent electronic device which can carry out a lot of numerical calculation and information processing in accordance with the program, which is stored in advance. By hardware and software, the two are inseparable. People do not install any software called bare computer. With the development of science and technology, some new computers are now emerging: biological computer, photon computer, quantum computer, etc..

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    Computer power management
    Industrial equipment

    Industrial equipment mainly refers to the industrial production equipment such as various types of machine tools: 1) lathe 2) milling machine (3) 4 planer) grinder 5) 6 drilling machine NC machining center, workshop equipment, heavy equipment, transmission equipment, packaging equipment, cleaning equipment.

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    Communication equipment

    Communication equipment for industrial control environment wired communication equipment and wireless communication equipment. Cable communication equipment to solve the industrial field of serial communication, professional bus type of communication, industrial Ethernet communication and communication protocol conversion equipment, including routers, switches, modem and other equipment. Wireless communication equipment including wireless AP, wireless bridge, wireless network card, wireless arrester, antennas and other equipment.

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    Communication control of modem wireless router IP